What Makes A Good Friend?

The perfect recipe doesn’t exist… or does it?

Every friendship needs a few key factors to make it work – let’s look at the most important ingredients to bake the perfect pal…


  • A Spoonful of Trust

Every friendship needs a solid foundation of trust. In any relationship, it’s important for both parties to feel as if they can be honest and true to themselves without fear of judgement. You want a friend you can share your secrets, fears, and dreams with, safe in the knowledge that they would never betray your trust. If you don’t trust your friend, it’s a sign that something isn’t right, and it might be time to rethink your relationship.  

  • A Sprinkle Of Fun

Friendship should be fun! Laughing and joking with friends helps us cope with the everyday hassles and stresses of life. Let’s add a seriously large sprinkling of fun and laughter to our perfect pal recipe!

  • A Drop Of Respect

It’s so important to be able to be yourself with your friend – and for them to respect you for this. If being honest about yourself means that your friend will disapprove or have a negative opinion of you, then this is a strong indicator that maybe this friendship isn’t quite right for you. A truly good friendship would allow you to feel comfortable and confident.

  • A Drizzle Of Honesty

The best friends are always honest with you. It’s so important to have honest communication to make sure both sides feel heard, valued, and appreciated.

  • A Cup Of Communication

Finally, add in a generous cup of quality communication! Good friends know how to listen to each other and to speak up with advice and support when it’s needed most.

Making Friends

Building a brilliant friendship takes work and dedication. While some people find it easy to make and maintain friendships, many others find it difficult. If you’re shy, for example, you might find it hard to reach out to new people or to start a conversation. For help and advice on how to make new friends, click here.

Toxic Friends

It can also be difficult to identify potentially toxic friendships. Being in a toxic friendship can be damaging to your mental health. You can be left feeling ignored, self-conscious and alone. Having a toxic friend can also be stressful and make you feel uneasy because they can be so unpredictable. Most importantly, you don’t feel supported or cared for. To work out if your friendship is toxic, read more advice here.

Losing Friends

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a friendship falls apart. You might have a fall-out or simply drift apart, or your friend might ‘leave’ you to hang about with someone else. This can be a hurtful and upsetting time for you so make sure you get support from other friends and family. For more help on how to deal with losing a friend, click here.


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