I’m Worried About My Future

Concern for the future is a common worry for most teens. You might be feeling confused about what you want to do as a career or whether or not you want to go to college, university or work, but there is help and guidance out there to help you plan your next steps in your education.

Secondary School

Your PCS teacher (or career/guidance teacher) is there to support you with a range of issues, including your career path. They can assist you with finding courses at your chosen college or university or support you in applying for a job or apprenticeship. PCS teachers can provide all sorts of help, from filling in application forms to guiding you in your course choices.

Colleges and Universities

Most colleges and universities have extensive websites, packed with helpful information on their offered courses and the grades required for entry. UCAS (https://www.ucas.com/) is also an essential tool to help you find your perfect course, college, uni or apprenticeship and has lots of helpful advice on funding, student accommodation and training.

What Next?

You might be uncertain about what you want to do next and this could be causing you anxiety. Many teenagers don’t know exactly what they want to do when they leave school and that’s perfectly normal. Talk to a parent or adult about your options and ask your teachers for advice. Think about the subjects you enjoy or excel in and take a look at some courses online to get a feel for what’s available and what you might be interested in. There are lots of tools available to you to help you plan life after school and your parent/s and teacher can support you in making a decision.

Mental Health

It’s normal to feel anxious about your future but if you’re feeling increasingly stressed about your options, talk to someone about your fears. Childline has a dedicated School and College section (https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/school-college-and-work/school-college/) covering a variety of topics that you may find helpful. You can also talk to a trained counsellor on 0800 11 11 if worries about your future is seriously affecting your mental health.



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