How To Be A Great Mate!

Find out how you can be a brilliant best friend!


Everyone needs a loyal sidekick, right? Make sure your mate knows you always have their back. Celebrate their successes, no matter how small, and stand by them through the good and bad times. Show your friend the respect they deserve and don’t let anyone put them down – always stick up for your mate if you hear someone being mean about them and never, ever talk about them behind their back.


Make time for your mates. Friendships are like every other relationship – they need work and what you put in matters. So, the more time you spend building a strong bond, the better your friendship will be.


Put. The. Phone. Down. Give your friend your full attention when you’re hanging out together. It’s too easy to get distracted by a text or notification when you have your phone in your hand. 


Learn how to be a good listener. Look your friend in the eye when they’re telling you something and give them time to say what they want to say without any interruptions. Being a good listener shows your friend that you care and that you are a supportive person. Be patient and try not to judge. Always remember: your friend trusts you enough to confide in you – and that’s awesome!


It’s OK to have a different opinion to your friend so don’t feel like you have to agree with everything they say. Be honest about your thoughts and feelings – even if it means pointing out when your friend may be in the wrong. Healthy relationships need honest conversations to thrive and grow so don’t be afraid to be yourself.


Always be kind. Period. If you feel angry or frustrated with your friend, tell them. Don’t let off steam to someone else or talk about them behind their back. Give yourself time to calm down and then talk to your friend honestly about how you’re feeling, explaining why you’re so upset.


Good friends are supportive friends. Check in with your mate to ask how they’re doing, especially if they’re going through a rough patch. Ask if there’s anything you can do to help them – there may not be anything you can do to help in a practical way but just being by their side and willing to listen to their worries can be a huge support.


Trust is the foundation of all healthy relationships. Make sure your friend knows they can trust and rely on you by keeping your promises and sticking to commitments you’ve made. Be honest, kind and caring. Never spill their secrets (unless you have serious concerns for their safety and need to confide in an adult), and never gossip about them. Apologise when you’re in the wrong – we all make mistakes but owning them, apologising and moving on shows that you’ve learned.

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