Five Screen-Free Swaps!

Reduce your screen time and give yourself a break with these five simple swaps…

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones, laptops and tablets, as well as binge-watching boxsets on the TV. Especially over the past year – we’ve spent most of the time cooped up indoors, after all. While it’s great to have so much entertainment at our fingertips, spending too much time in front of a screen can affect our health.

Why Should I Cut Back?

Too much screen time and exposure to blue light can have a negative impact on our sleep patterns and mental health. Then, of course, there’s the physical effects – poor posture from slouching, weight gain and eye strain. Taking positive steps to reduce our screen time can make a big difference to our physical and mental wellbeing.

Try these simple swaps today to cut back on your screen time. See if you can achieve all five!

  1. GOT 20 MINS?

Switch your screen off and pick up a pen and paper instead. Doodle a funny self-portrait or draw something you can see from your window. If art isn’t your thing, write a note to a friend or jot down a list of things you want (or need) to do this week.

  1. GOT 30 MINS?

Reading helps to reduce stress and improves your general mental health. Pick up a book, comic, newspaper, or magazine and get lost in the story. Reading for half an hour before bed can help you feel relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep. Much better than staring at your screen!

  1. GOT 45 MINS?

Cook up a storm in the kitchen! Bake something sweet and tasty, whip up a cooked brekkie, or prepare an evening meal for your family. Cooking can be relaxing and the sense of achievement you feel when you create yummy food is always amazing!

  1. GOT 1 HOUR?

Throw on your shoes and go for a walk. Meet up with a mate for company or pop in your headphones and play your favourite music or podcast. Getting out into the fresh air, whatever the weather, can help to blow away the cobwebs and improves your mental and physical health and well-being.

  1. GOT 2 HOURS?

Arrange to meet up with your friends or visit a family member you haven’t seen in a while. It’s so important to nurture our IRL relationships and to remember that the things that really matter in life aren’t profiles, likes and posts – it’s people, relationships, and love. Spending time with the people you love can make you feel loved and valued – even if your sister does get on your nerves from time to time, or Nan insists on feeding you those biscuits you secretly hate!

What Are The Benefits?

Cutting back on your screen time can make a big difference to your health and mood. Get ready to enjoy:

  • Less headaches (Yay!)
  • Better sleep (Zzzzz….)
  • Improved concentration and focus (Hello, Einstein!)
  • More free time for friends and family!

So, why not give these swaps a try today and see if you can make some positive changes in your life? Healthy habits = healthy mind and body!


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