Beat The Boxing Day Blues!

Stuck in a post-Christmas Day slump? We’re here to help.

After the build-up to Christmas and the excitement of the day itself, Boxing Day and beyond can sometimes feel like a bit of a downer. You’re tired of eating and drinking, sick of your siblings and bored by the same old reruns on TV. You feel groggy, grumpy and totally fed up. The result? You end up moping about the house in your new pjs, munching on chocs and generally feeling a bit ‘meh’. Forget that – we’re here to help you get motivated to blow away the Boxing Day blues!

Dress up warmly and head outside to:


There’s no better way to blow away the cobwebs and ‘hangover’ of too many mince pies than heading out for a long walk on a crisp winter’s day. Head to your local park to take in the fresh air or find somewhere new to explore.


Hit the sales to get the most out of your Christmas money. You can ask a friend to join you and have a fun day out bagging bargains!


Check out your local area to see if there’s an organised outdoor swim near you. Lots of people take a quick dip in rivers and seas across the UK wearing just a costume and maybe even a bobble hat! It’s not for the faint-hearted but it’s invigorating and a great laugh, especially if you can convince a group of mates to join you. Just make sure you join an organised group to stay safe and never venture out into water alone.

Plunging into icy cold water isn’t for everyone so why not see if your local ice rink is open for a spot of skating? An hour of gliding across the ice will leave you feeling calm and extra-Christmassy. Whether you choose to swim or skate, don’t forget to end your day with a mug of cosy hot choc!


Spend the day at the zoo! Wrap up warm and make a day of it – you could even take a picnic lunch along if you can brave the temperature!

Stuck in the house? No problem! You can:


Games, that is! Plan a day of playing board games with family or friends. You can dig out old favourites, like Monopoly or Cluedo, or unwrap any new games you got for Christmas. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is a great one for loads of laughs. Add a level of fun to your games day by asking every player to show up dressed in their wackiest clothes.


Challenge your siblings or parents to a cooking or baking competition using only what you can find in the kitchen. Who will come out on top? What delights (or disasters!) will you create?


You can create a cinema feel in your very own living room! Make sure the room is dark and comfortable and munch on cinema-style snacks of popcorn and nachos while you enjoy a good movie.


Post-Christmas is the perfect time to clear out your bedroom to make space for your new Christmas goodies. Find stuff you can donate to charity and throw away anything too old or tattered to be of any use to anyone. De-cluttering your surroundings can make you feel more focused, organised and motivated. Plus, it’s a much nicer space to relax in now that you’ve tidied up!

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Sian Dolan
Sian Dolan is a content writer for Hidden Strength with a background in children’s and teenage magazines. She feels it’s more important than ever to write supportive, engaging features for young adults who need a guiding light and a helping hand with their mental health and wellbeing.