I Have A Crush On My Teacher

How to handle a fixation on your teacher…

It’s not uncommon for a student to have a crush on their teacher so you’re definitely not alone. That said, having a crush on your teacher can be embarrassing, painful and basically a bit of a nightmare…

Everyone Gets Crushes

Ask any adult (parents included!) and they will probably admit to having had a bit of a crush on a teacher at some point during their school years. Nearly every teenager, past and present, will go through a phrase of fancying someone they know they shouldn’t. It’s a normal part of growing up, but sometimes it can be difficult to deal with. Having feelings for someone who doesn’t feel them back hurts.

Crushes are usually harmless and there’s nothing wrong with having a secret fantasy. Thankfully, most crushes bloom, fade and then pass with time, but when you’re in the thick of it, it can feel all-consuming and even painful.

Dealing With Your Crush

It can help to think about the realities of the situation to get some perspective. While it’s harmless to daydream about getting married to your teacher, it’s equally important to recognise that a relationship with your teacher is never going to happen. There are many, many reasons why, but the biggie is that it’s illegal for a teacher to become involved with a student and they could face legal charges. The law applies even if you’re over 16 – ‘A sexual relationship between someone who is in a position of trust and a person to whom that trust extends, is criminal.’

Realising and accepting this can be painful but it’s important. It’s OK to feel sad about this so be kind to yourself and give yourself time to deal with it. Do fun things with friends, spend time with people you love and look after yourself.

Switch Your Focus

  • Try to think of your teacher in a different way. Remind yourself of the age difference or focus on the things you don’t like about them. Push romantic thoughts aside and look at the realities.
  • Focus on yourself and your happiness. Spend more time with people your own age where you’re more likely to develop a crush on someone who is age appropriate.
  • Try to focus on your work, rather than your teacher. You don’t want your crush to interfere with your schoolwork.

Talking About Your Crush

Be careful who you confide in – you don’t want your crush to be a topic of gossip at school! If you feel the need to confide in someone, make sure it’s someone you trust. Hopefully, talking about your feelings will help.

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